Early Intervention Guides Mission

click to enlargeWe can help provide a pathway for early intervention support from initial parent/doctor concern (prior to diagnosis) right through to school options and everything in between!! "

Early Intervention can change lives. It has been found through substantial research to be critical in ensuring that a child has every opportunity to maximise their potential. It is critical however, that early intervention starts as early as possible.

Through our own personal experience and research we found that there was an information gap between early intervention services and the knowledge and understanding of these services. So we created the Early Intervention Resource Guide. Designed to be understood by professionals and parents alike, this guide takes one from a pathway starting at initial concern to details of local early intervention options. Read more »


Early Intervention in Focus

Social Stories ™

Written by Libby on March 12, 2013
Created by Carol Gray, Social Stories ™ is a basic story written for the individual child to help them reduce anxiety about new situations/events. It helps them – often with the use of visuals/pictures, become familiar with new situation, new skill or change in routine that is unfamiliar or anxiety invoking to the child. There […] Read more »

Pathway to Diagnosis

Written by Libby on January 19, 2013
The pathway to diagnosis of a child with a developmental delay can often be confusing and daunting for parents. Initially when a parent/friend/GP/childcare professional etc notices that a child may not developing as expected, it can be extremely difficult to firstly come to terms with the fact that your child may have different needs, and […] Read more »